Lets Learn Money Workbook
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Lets Learn Money Workbook


Learn About Money Workbook has activities for children aged 8+. It aims to make kids aware of money and enrich them by making them hands-on. Included in the book are activities such as matching, fill in the blanks, crossword, identifying. You can also Explore, a site for money concepts for Indian Children Activities are on the following topics: Know your money -- the introduction of money, Indian currency, the currency of the world. Earning money -- how do people earn money, different professions, the skills required, how much money, Business, Profit and Loss. Spending money -- Needs and Wants, Goods, and Services, expenses of the family. Saving money -- why saving is necessary, piggy banks, banks, ATM, interest, passbook, cheques Credit Cards --what are credit cards, how they work, credit card payment.


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